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Hi, I'm a book blogger from Germany, I heart romances and happy books.


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The problem with forever - Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Problem with Forever - Jennifer L. Armentrout, Amy Landon

The problem with forever
young adult contemporary romance
read as an ebook
years ago they lived together in a group home
there they both went through hell
then their paths were separated
but now they meet again
and they realize that there is still something special between them
something so strong that they can't ignore it
this is the third book by the author I read
I read one story written as Jennifer L. Armentrout and one as J. Lynn
I know that many readers love her stories
however the first two books by her were just ok for me
and now "The problem with forever"
the story was ok to good, but still not great
I'm still not in love with the way Armentrout creates characters and stories
she doesn't make me feel as much as I want to feel
after finishing her books I'm not super excited for more
this time some passages were entertaining
but others annoyed me a bit
overall there were too many dramatic developments
one less would have been better
I don't think that I will read more books by the author
her stories might be great for other readers
but they aren't perfect for me.



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The air he breathes - Brittany C. Sherry

The Air He Breathes - Brittainy C. Cherry

The air he breathes
contemporary romance
read as an ebook
two people whose lives changed dramatically
both lost their partner
now it's one year later
both try to move on
even though it's so hard
then they meet
and the angels don't sing
but something changes
maybe there are still things worth living and fighting for
the plot of this book sounded emotional and pretty good
I was ready to shed some tears
and I did enjoy the story overall
but did not feel as much as I wanted to
the writing style and characters were both a bit rough around the edges
but I had a good time with most of the book
and then came the drama towards the end of the story
and it was too much for me
I could not believe in what was going on
and because of that struggled with the ending
this was an ok book for me
that had the potential to be more.



the original post on my blog: http://www.abouthappybooks.com/2016/07/the-air-he-breathes-brittany-c-cherry.html

Unbreak my heart - Nicole Jacquelyn


Unbreak my heart
contemporary romance adult
#1 in the Unbreak my heart series
read as an ebook
this is a book I read because I heard a lot of things about it online
some readers loved it, others hated it
people feel a lot of intense emotions about this book
the plot itself did not appeal to me that much
but I still wanted to give it a try
after finishing the story I can say that I didn't love or hate the book
I disliked several developments in the story
I disliked both main characters
him because he acted like an ass for most of the time
and if you act like an ass towards a pregnant woman and your own children
then you are not the kind of hero I want in a romance
then I'm not rooting for you
I couldn't believe in his change of heart
in the end he did what was most convenient for him
but I did not believe his declaration of love
her because it took her forever to stand up for herself
for the first half of the book she let herself be used in ways I disliked strongly
I wanted her to be stronger, but that didn't happen until later
and then it was too little, too late
so yes, I disliked some important aspects of the book
but at least the writing style made it easy to get into a good reading flow
I can't say that I hated the book
I don't feel that strongly about it
but I also didn't enjoy or like it.



the original post on my blog: http://www.abouthappybooks.com/2016/07/unbreak-my-heart-nicole-jacquelyn.html

Bittersweet - Sarina Bowen

Bittersweet (True North Book 1) - Sarina Bowen



contemporary romance adult
#1 in the True North series
read as an ebook
book #2, Steadfast, will be out in
another book that came highly recommended by other book bloggers
a book by an author I'm a fan of
because I love the first three books in the Ivy Years series
and Him + Us
however some other books by her like "The shameless hour", "The fifteenth minute" and "Coming in from the cold" weren't perfect for me
a book with a setting (an organic farm) that I was excited about
because I grew up on a farm and organic farming is something I care about deeply
so yes, this book should have been perfect for me
but unfortunately it wasn't
from the get go I struggled with both main characters
I didn't see his appeal, she got on my nerves a bit
little things bothered me
I thought too much about how realistic the timeline of some developments were
how they met at college, her studies
I struggled with her family background
and other things
the writing style was good, no complaints here
but both main characters made it so hard to enjoy my time with the story
and that's why little things that normally wouldn't have bothered me
annoyed me, made it hard to get into a good reading flow
after 150 pages I started to skip some passages here and there
and was honestly relieved when I finally reached the last page
I'm not sure if I will be going on with this series
right now I'm leaning towards no
but I plan to read other books by the Sarina Bowen in the future
because I know that her books have the potential to become favourites of mine.



find the original post on my blog: http://www.abouthappybooks.com/2016/07/bittersweet-sarina-bowen.html


Pucked under + Area 51 - Helena Hunting

AREA 51: Pucked Series Deleted Scenes & Outtakes - Helena Hunting, Jessica Royer Ocken


original post on my blog: http://www.abouthappybooks.com/2016/07/pucked-under-area-51-helena-hunting.html



Pucked under + Area 51
both by Helena Hunting
both part of the Pucked series
hot and hilarious contemporary sports romance

Pucked under
this book is right now available on iBooks (where I bought it)
but will also be available on other sites later this year
in the story we revisit Randy and Lily
it is set after "Forever Pucked"
how has their relationship changed over the last months?
are they still insatiable?
and how will they deal with some family complications?
this story fits perfectly to the rest of the series
it's hilarious
the dialogues are over the top sexy and dirty
I love that, but not everyone might feel the same
I loved learning more about Randy and Lily
it was nice to see how they both and their relationship have grown stronger
and of course I also loved reconnecting with all of the other characters
I'm already excited for the next book in the series
I need the stories of Charlene + Darren and Lance + Tash (?).

Area 51
is a free ebook (right now)
in it you can find some deleted scenes that never made it into the books
it's short and full of craziness
it's at times over the top hilarious
it's everything I wanted
if you are interested in the Pucked series but are unsure if the humour would work for you
then get this free ebook and read it
if it makes you laugh out loud and constantly smile
then the other books in the series should be perfect for you

after reading these two books
I reread "Pucked over"
which I struggled with when I read it the first time
but now it worked for me perfectly
I will tell you more about that soon.

The Billionaire Bachelor - Jessica Lemmon

The Billionaire Bachelor (Billionaire Bad Boys) - Jessica Lemmon


original post on my blog: http://www.abouthappybooks.com/2016/07/the-billionaire-bachelor-jessica-lemmon.html



The Billionaire Bachelor
read as an ebook
contemporary romance
first in a trilogy about three brothers, The Billionaire Bad Boys
I bought this book after reading quiet a number of very positive reviews on the book
a lot of romance bloggers enjoyed it
the story didn't sound that fresh and unique
but I still wanted to give it a try
so I got the book
the story was easy to read
the author's writing style made it easy to get into a good reading flow
these are the two things that worked for me
however the characters weren't that interesting
their actions made me shake my head
especially in regards to business
plus I never felt as if I really got to know them
that's why the romance didn't make me feel anything
it bored me to be honest
plus the drama at the ending was so tiresome
unfortunately I did not love or even like this book
and I don't plan to go on with the series.

You know me well - Nina LaCour + David Levithan

You Know Me Well - Nina LaCour, David Levithan Hold Still - Nina LaCour Everything Leads to You - Nina LaCour


the original post on my blog: http://www.abouthappybooks.com/2016/07/you-know-me-well-nina-lacour-david.html



You know me well
young adult contemporary
coming of age, romance
I highly recommend books like "Hold still" and "Everything leads to you" by Nina LaCour
I also loved a short story I recently read by her (found in "Summer Days & Summer Nights)"
she writes emotional stories with characters that seem like real people
she makes you feel everything
she's a great author
so of course I was super excited to read her new book
but I was also a bit nervous because another book co-written by David Levithan did not work for me
but I still bought the book and read it
two high school students
he is in love with his best friend
she is about to meet the girl of her dreams
but it's not that easy
they become friends
in an instant
and then maneuver through some of the most exciting days of their lives
"You know me well"
the name says it all. NOT.
as a reader I didn't get to know the characters that well
I always felt as if I was scratching on the surface
but never got to the core
I could never imagine the characters as real people
and that made it hard for me to enjoy the book
to believe in the emotions, to feel them
50-100 pages more, more time spend with the characters, their families, their hopes and fears
would have been great, would have been needed
maybe then I would have felt something
but unfortunately that didn't happen
I'm sad to say that in my opinion the book was
too fast-paced, too short, too superficial
I love what Nina LaCour writes on her own
but was disappointed by her work together with David Levithan
I will definitely read more by her in the future, but will stay away from his books.

Newt's Emerald - Garth Nix

Newt's Emerald - Garth Nix


Newt's Emerald
young adult
regency romance with some magic
this is the first book I read by the author
the book design is beautiful
as are the rough-cut pages
a special emerald goes missing
and Lady Truthful Newington, our heroine, decides to get it back
this decision leads her on an adventure
that will change her life
at first I wasn't sure if the writing style would work for me
but after a few pages I got used to it
I had a lot of fun while reading the story
it's charming and mostly light-hearted
with interesting characters
and a nice romance
I think there was some missed potential in how the magical elements were handled
and even though I enjoyed reading the book
the characters didn't leave a lasting impression on me
the plot wasn't that refined
an entertaining and charming book
that was maybe missing some depth
I'm still happy that I read it
because it entertained me well.

Bad Boy's Baby, Beauty and the blitz, Once upon a half-time - Sosie Frost

Bad Boy's Baby - Sosie Frost Beauty and the Blitz - Sosie Frost Once Upon A Half-Time: A Sports Romance - Sosie Frost


Bad Boy's Baby, Beauty and the blitz, Once upon a half-time
contemporary sports romances
part of a series, but can be read as stand-alones
all three stories delivered a mixed reading experience for me
some passages were nice and entertaining
others frustrated me, made me shake my head so hard
characters are not as deeply developed as they could have been
stereotypes are pretty much everywhere
and the plots couldn't completely convince me
I'm still not sad that I read these books
but I'm also not that excited about reading more stories by Sosie Frost
as much as I like light-hearted and entertaining sports romances
I need more from characters and stories to keep me going.

Carry Me Home - Rosalind James

Carry Me Home (Paradise, Idaho) - Rosalind  James


Carry me home
#1 in the Paradise, Idaho series
romantic suspense
I read and enjoyed some contemporary romances by the author last year
stories that are part of the Escape to New Zealand series
so I was excited to give one of her romantic suspense books a try
the plot sounded good
but unfortunately my reading experience wasn't the best
from the get go I struggled to get into a good reading flow
plus I didn't care that much about the male main character
plus the suspense couldn't convince me
and I didn't enjoy the romance that much
it's weird that I enjoyed some of the author's romances a lot
but then struggled with another book by her so much
in the future I will stick to her contemporary romances
and won't read more romantic suspense by her.

Dirty Sexy series 1-3 - Carly Phillips & Erika Wild

Dirty Sexy Saint (Dirty Sexy Series Book 1) - Erika Wilde, Carly Phillips Dirty Sexy Inked (Dirty Sexy Series) (Volume 2) - Carly Phillips Dirty Sexy Cuffed (Dirty Sexy Series Book 3) - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde


Dirty sexy series
comtemporary romances
novels on the shorter side
sexy, fast-paced and easy to read
towards the ending a dramatic situation develops
which is quickly solved so that our main characters can get their HEAs
I enjoyed reading the first three books in the series
they entertained me for a short amount of times
but I also have to say that some developments were not believable
the drama at the ending was solved at times too easily
plus the stories and characters did not leave a lasting impression on me
but I still enjoyed the books
and got from them what I wanted
so I'm happy that I read them
and plan to read book #4 once it's out.



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Things we know by heart - Jessi Kirby

Things We Know by Heart - Jessi Kirby


Things we know by heart
young adult
contemporary romance
I listened to the audio book
in the past I enjoyed "Moonglass" by the author
400 days ago Quinn's boyfriend was killed in an accident
his organs were donated
and Quinn makes contact with the recipients
meeting them gives her the strength to go on
but one person doesn't want any contact
it's the person who get the heart
so Quinn starts looking for him
even though she isn't supposed to
and when she finds him
when she meets him
when she develops feelings for him
everything changes
in ways she never expected
overall this was a beautiful and emotional story
with interesting characters
I loved how organ donation was portrayed
as a gift to the living
as something beautiful and important
and yes, of course I have an organ donor card
what didn't work perfectly
was the romance
it didn't touch me as deeply as I wanted to
I didn't feel as much as expected
and I missed a nice epilogue
that's why in the end I have mixed feelings about the book
if you like YA romances with an emotional plot
then "Things we know by heart" could be something for you.

The German version of the book is called "Mein Herz wird dich finden"
and its cover is beautiful.



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Destiny, rewritten

— feeling love
Destiny, Rewritten - Kathryn Fitzmaurice


Destiny, Rewritten
contemporary middle grade
a beautiful book
about family, friendship and fighting for what is important to you
elven-year-old Emily grew up without knowing her father
then she get's the chance to learn more about him
but the book that she needs to do so has gone missing
Emily, her friends and family try to get it back
and experience some unexpected things on their journey
they meet interesting people
and learn a lot about themselves
like I said above
this book is beautiful
cover, writing style, characters and story
everything was just beautiful
every sentence was powerful and touched me deeply
I cared a lot about what happened and was very happy when I read the last pages
I love this book and can't wait to read the next book by Kathryn Fitzmaurice.

Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly

Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly Amplified - Tara Kelly The Foxglove Killings - Tara Kelly


Harmonic Feedback
young adult contemporary
Drea has "issues"
at least this is what other people tell her
in a world where always answering honestly isn't the norm
as a girl who doesn't always understand jokes
she is the weird one
music has always been one of her biggest passions
music makes her feel alive
music doesn't pressure or judge her
music is everything
just after moving to a new town she meets two teens who will change her life
who will break her heart
but will also bring her so much joy
this is an intense and special book
a story that touched me deeply
at times funny and beautiful
but also sad and heart-wrenching
the story isn't always light-hearted
one of the characters has issues with drugs
and some other things
the ending made me cry
of course once again when I was on the train
but it also made me smile
and it gave me hope
a great book
that makes me excited to read more by the author
I recently ordered "Amplified"
another contemporary book surrounding music by Tara Kelly
and her new YA thriller "The Foxglove Killings" also sounds great.
and I plan to get it soon.

Sense of Deception - Victoria Laurie

Sense of Deception - Victoria Laurie When - Victoria Laurie Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye - Victoria Laurie


Sense of Deception
part of the Psychic Eye series
one of my favourite mystery series with special elements of the last years
this new books was another great addition to the series
there is a thrilling mystery Abby needs to solve
and there's pretty much no time to do so
she will need the help of all of her friends to safe an innocent woman
she isn't sure if she can do it
as always with this series I had a lot of fun when reading the book
for a few hours I was superbly entertained
the case was thrilling and I loved reconnecting with all of the characters
the next book in the series "A grave prediction" also sounds great
so of course I will read it
if you like mystery books that are not too dark
that have some special elements and are a lot of fun
then this series could be perfect for you
the first book is "Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye"
Victoria Laurie also writes a second mystery series with special elements
the Ghost Hunter mystery series
and she writes special Young Adult books
"When", her first YA book,
is one I can highly recommend.

#23 In 2016: Throttled - Elizabeth Lee

Throttled (Wild Riders) - Elizabeth Lee

read as an ebook
first book in a contemporary romance trilogy
fast paced
mostly light-hearted
a second chance romance
back in high school they were in love
then he left to follow his dreams
she stayed behind with a broken heart
now he is back
and wants a second chance
will she risk another broken heart?
second chance romances don't always work for me
this one did
ok, some issues were dealt with a bit too easily
I liked the main characters and their friends
was happy about the romance
I'm interested in the other two stories in this series
a good romance.