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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (Highland Pleasures)

The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie  - Jennifer Ashley, Angela Dawe Lord Ian Mackenzie is mad, or at least that's what many members of London's society think. But Beth, a 29 year old woman who recently inherited a lot of money, isn't sure if he really is mad. Maybe he is just different from the norm. Since their first meeting Beth has been fascinated by the intelligent and quiet man and Ian shares the fascination. Soon there is more between them and Beth knows, that she could love this man. But then a murder overshadows their relationship and they have to solve the crime, if they want to give their relationship a real chance.

For months (maybe even a year) "The madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie" was on my wishlist, why the hell did I wait so long to buy and read it? This book turned out to be a great historical romance with characters that I loved and I want more of the Mackenzie family. They are special, arrogant, likable and so fascinating!

Ian is one of the most special characters I ever met in a book. He's got some serious issues and still he was so great. I always love characters that care deeply about the people close to them and that are willing to do everything to protect them. And Beth was just as protective as Ian. At times she reminded me of a tigress who is fighting to keep her family alive. Together Ian & Beth are an amazing pair and I enjoyed all of their scenes together. Their chemistry was right from the first meeting on sizzling and their sex scenes were hot. I couldn't get enough of Beth & Ian while reading the book and hopefully there will be more scenes with them in the next books of the series.

Pretty much all of the important characters in this book were likable and interesting, the Mackenzie family is full of arrogant and yet very caring men. I also loved reading about Lady Isabella, her relationship to her estranged husband Mac Mackenzie will be dealt with in the second book of the series.

The murder investigation added some thrill to the story and made it even more interesting and fast-paced. The mystery was not that easily to solve and I loved that Beth acted like a terrier with a bone when trying to find out who the real killer was.

All in all this book entertained me a lot, the mix of the funny, sweet, serious and sexy scenes worked perfectly for me. I will go on with the next books in the series and hopefully the other Mackenzie's will be as great as Ian.

The cover is ok.

final appraisal
The strong and unique characters, the engaging writing style and the interesting mystery made every page of this book entertaining. I'm super excited to go on with the series and hopefully the next books will be as good as "The madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie".