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The Eternal Ones

The Eternal Ones - Kirsten Miller Having visions about a young man has become normal for 17 year old Haven Moore. As a child she already dreamed of a man called Ethan and was drawn to him. In the last weeks the visions have become stronger and stronger. Haven feels that it may be finally time to discover what lies behind her visions.
So she decides to leave her small home town and her overbearing grandmother, who made her life unhappy. She decides to go to New York because there's the Ourobouros Society, which is supposed to help people like Haven who have visions of a past life. And in New York is also Iain Morrow who reminds Haven so much of Ethan.
Will Haven solve the mystery behind her visions, find her lost love and escape the dangers of a dangerous organization?

When I saw the red cover of "The Eternal Ones" for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the book. After reading the synopsis I was at first a bit sceptical because I don't believe in reincarnation (although sometimes I'm not so sure what I believe in) and I'm not a very religious person. So I wondered if the central idea on which this book is based on could work for me. In the end I'm so happy and relieved that I bought a copy because I enjoyed reading "The Eternal Ones" a lot.

Kirsten Miller's way with words made following the story very enjoyable, I was always interested to learn more about Haven and what was going on in her life. The way the idea of reincarnation was presented in "The Eternal Ones" was fascinating and not as creepy and weird as I feared. Even though I wouldn't want to be in the same situation as Haven and Iain, I still loved reading about them and their love story.

The relationship between Haven and Iain was like a ride on a rollercoaster and that's something I actually liked. It was natural for Haven to distrust Iain because she didn't have all of his memories of their past lifes. I enjoyed that she tried to find out more about her past by herself. And I wasn't annoyed that at times she acted a bit impulsive and placed herself and others in danger because ot it.
Another highlight of the book was the friendship between Haven and Beau. They have been best friends for years and he's a character to adore. They are true friends and I loved the way they supported each other.

The parts of the book that dealt with the Ourobouros Society were fascinating and a bit creepy. Especially Adam, an important member of the society, was a twisted and evil character. When it was hinted who Adam really is, I was a bit suprised but the explanation still worked for me. Kirsten Miller is not an author who gets preachy and I guess that's why I had no trouble with the religious aspects of "The Eternal Ones" even though I often struggle with them in other books.

The red cover with the snake on it is the reason why I checked out the book. I love that it's so simple and mysterious. And yes, the snake symbol appears in the book. I also like the black cover with the lovers in the middle, it looks gorgeous and fits to the story.

final appraisal
"The Eternal Ones" is a fantastic book based on a fascinating idea. The story is thrilling and at times mysterious. I'm already excited to read the next book in the series and would recommend this book to all readers who enjoy stories with unusual themes.