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Baby Be Mine

Baby Be Mine - Paige Toon All Meg Stiles wants is a happy life for her little son Barney and herself. But she knows that her happiness is a fragile little thing. Because her son's father is not her partner Christian but her former lover Johnny Jefferson, and both don't no anything about it. Johnny, a famous rockstar, broke Meg's heart once and she is not willing to give him a second chance, but when he realizes that he has a son everything changes and Meg has to decide how to go on.
How will Meg's future look like and will she give love a second chance?

This is going to be a rather weird review. Because at first I have to tell you why I expected to not love the book and explain the reason why I picked it up.
So far I read "Chasing Daisy and "Johnny be good" (the prequel to "Baby be mine") by Paige Toon and both books were just ok for me. I enjoyed Paige Toon's engaging writing style but I had trouble with the female main character in "Chasing Daisy". I'm just not a big fan of a heroine who has unprotected sex with someone who's in a relationship. I was also not a big fan of Johnny in "Johnny be good" and couldn't understand the adoration he got from other readers. But still I wanted to know what would happen to Meg and Johnny and if they would end up together. I couldn't stop this weird fascination from growing stronger and stronger, so I bought "Baby be mine" when I saw a good deal for it online.

So I started this book with the conviction that it would be an ok book but nothing great. However Paige Toon suprised me with this book. She made Meg and especially Johnny more likable and gave them more depth. I know that many readers had no trouble with these things in "Johnny be good" but for me it was a big issue. At the end of this book I even liked Johnny a little bit and was happy that he was happy. But to be honest I still think that the best thing about Johnny is his huge fortune (and yes, I know that this doesn't sound nice). I also liked Meg more in this book because she was a good mother to Barney and always tried to do what was best for him.

I also enjoyed that Paige Toon changed the characters a bit but not too much, they were still themselves with their countless flaws and issues. The little changes made my reading experience so much better than I expected it to be. The author's writing style was once again very entertaining and made me smile & laugh a lot. I furthermore liked that the author created very interesting and mostly likable secondary characters. Reading about Meg's friends (old and new) was one of my highlights of the book.

I don't want to give away too much about what happens between Meg, Christian and Johnny. However in my opinion there was always only one possible end for this book, so the ending was absolutly no suprise. Some might say that the end was too perfect, too harmonic and too happy but for me it fit to the story. Sometimes overly sweet and mushy happy endings just fit.

Some things in "Baby be mine" were of course over the top and very dramatic, but that's something I expected and that fit to Johnny's life. Maybe I was ok with the drama because I was used to it after reading "Johnny be good".

Because I devoured this book and was very entertained by it I'm even excited for the next book by Paige Toon. I would love to read more about Joseph, who's an upcoming actor and someone Meg meets in Hollywood.

I'm not a big fan of the cover. The woman doesn't fit to how Meg is described and the cover looks generic. I love the covers for the other books by Paige Toon but this one is nothing special.

final appraisal
This book has surprised me a lot and in a very positive way. I devoured it and loved reading about the new developments in Meg, Christian and Johnny's life.