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Forgotten - Cat Patrick 16 year old London Lane might now your future, but she can't even remember what happened yesterday. Every night she loses her past memories and can only remember what happened with the help of little notes and her mom.
She is used to living this way even though it frustrates her. When she meets & falls in love with Luke Henry and starts to get dark visions she can't understand, London wants to learn more about her past. Her mother seems to hide important facts, but London won't stop searching for clues about what happened in her childhood until she has all the facts.
Will London figure out what the visions mean and will she solve the mystery surrounding her childhood?

Ever since I discovered the fascinating cover of "Forgotten" I craved to read the book. Once I finally got my ordered copy I was excited but also a bit anxious. Because let's be honest, sometimes a book has an amazing cover but the content is not that great. However I'm happy to say this time the content of the book was just as great as it's cover.

"Forgotten" is written in a very engaging writing style that made following the story very entertaining and easy. I love the concept behind the story and think that Cat Patrick did a wonderful job with applying it to London's life. I can't imagine how London felt every morning when she realized that once again she lost her memories. I think London handled her life in a admirable way and I enjoyed that she was a strong character who didn't wait for things to happen miraculously.

There are some very suprising developments in the story and it was fascinating to discover more about London's past together with her. I liked that Luke helped her with her investigation and was there for her when she learned some shocking and sad things about her past. Their relationship was really nice and there were a lot of sweet moments between them. I also liked how both dealt with some trouble that happened between them. They stayed true to themselves and didn't act to dramatically.

At first I thought that the book could be a bit too short however in the end it was just right. I actually enjoyed that there were a few time leaps in the story and that some events were not described in every detail. It fit to the concept of the book and I never felt like I missed some important info. When I finshed the book I was happy and satisfied with the story and I'm excited to read more.

I think the cover is amazing and fits perfectly to the story and London.

final appraisal
"Forgotten" by Cat Patrick is an easy to read, thrilling story with a fascinating concept. Cat Patrick's writing style managed to capture my interest completly and I'm already looking forward to her next book because her debut novel was that good and wonderful.