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On the Edge of the Wild: Passions and Pleasures of a Naturalist 1st edition by Bodio, Stephen J. published by Lyons Press Paperback

On the Edge of the Wild: Passions and Pleasures of a Naturalist 1st edition by Bodio, Stephen J. published by Lyons Press Paperback - --N/A-- review
One of the best erotic romances I have ever read.

Dylan Ivory is an author of erotic romances and her next book is about BDSM. To get a clearer understanding of it she sets up a meeting with Alec Walker who's a dominant and also an author of dark thrillers. Dylan is fascinated by Alec at first glance but also irritated by him.
Alec is a master of domination and from the first moment of meeting Dylan he feels that their relationship will not stop with talking about BDSM but that it will be about living it. He is convinced that Dylan needs to surrender control to him to really start living and feeling. Soon afer their first sparkling meeting they are deeper into a relationship than both thought possible. Dylan as well as Alec always shied away from real and lasting relationships because of things that happened in their childhoods. So the deep feelings they developed are scaring both of them.
Will Dylan and Alec overcome their fears for a chance of a relationship filled with love and trust?

"Pleasure's Edge", the first book written by Eden Bradley under her new pen name Eve Berlin, was everything I hoped for and more. Right from the first pages on the story is incredibly erotic and it stays that way until the last page. The chemistry between Dylan and Alew is over the top and their sex scenes are amazingly hot and sensual. Sometimes there can be too much sex in a erotica so that the romance doesn't have a chance however in this book the balance feels just right.
Dylan's experience with BDSM and that she is willing to surrender after a short time was believable because of her deep feelings and issues. To see her surrender and relax was beautiful and exciting.
I liked both Dylan and Alec right from the start and enjoyed that they are both strong and go their own way. I loved the scenes in which they learned more about each other and in which you could see their vulnerable sides. All of the steps in their relationship felt real and I was happy and satisfied with how the book ended.
Dante's book is up next and I will definitely get myself a copy because Eve Berlin just knows how to write sensual and lovely erotica.

I love the colour scheme and that the cover is more sensual/erotic than sexy because that fits perfectly to the book.

final appraisal
I enjoyed everything about "Pleasure's Edge" and the combination of very hot, erotic sex scenes and lovely, romantic scenes felt just perfect to me. This book captured my interest from beginning to end and never got boring. I'm already very excited for Dante's book. Eden Bradley writing as Eve Berlin is a pure pleasure for fans of erotica.

Edge series
1. Pleasure's Edge
2. Desire's Edge (2011)