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A Little Harmless Obsession[ A LITTLE HARMLESS OBSESSION ] by Schroeder, Melissa (Author) Aug-02-11[ Paperback ]

A Little Harmless Obsession[ A LITTLE HARMLESS OBSESSION ] by Schroeder, Melissa (Author) Aug-02-11[ Paperback ] - Melissa Schroeder review
Sexy and beautiful.

May Aiona is a strong woman but in bed she craves to be dominated. Evan Chambers would be the perfect dominant for her because she has been interested in him for years. However he treats her like a sister so she never acted on her fascination and feelings. To try out submission she turns to Micah who's also a dominant and Evan's best friend. When Evan realizes that May is honestly interested in his lifestyle he is shocked but also excited. Years of holding back because he thought that May is too good for him and not interested in submission finally come to an end.
One explosive encounter between them changes everything and sexually they are a match made in heaven. But May wants more and dreams of a future with Evan. Will he be able to let go of the past for a chance of a fulfilled and happy life with May?

"A little harmless obsession" is an erotic romance after my fancy. The sex scenes are hot, the chemistry between the heroine and hero is sizzling and the love story is beautiful.
Some people might think that a submissive woman can't be strong but May proves just the opposite. She is an amazingly strong woman, sometimes shy but she always stands up for those she loves and works hard to achieve her goals. She is exactly the kind of woman with which Evan can overcome his past. In the bedroom he may be her master but outside of it he loves her strength and that she is there for him. I liked both May and Evan even though at times I wanted to shake him but in the end I still liked his character a lot.
Furthermore I enjoyed the relationship between Evan, Micah and Chris and that they are true friends who care about each other. There's also a mystery going on that in the end helps Evan to overcome his fears and to concentrate on the present instead on the past. Micah's book is next and I'm already excited to read his story.

Hot and of course I like it :)

final appraisal
I enjoyed reading "A little harmless obsession" a lot. The sex scenes are hot and the love story between May and Evan is great. The balance between hot and lovely scenes worked perfectly for me and I liked reading about the two main characters because they are strong, complex and likable. I will definitely get the other two books in the series and want to know more about Micah.