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Air Kisses

Air Kisses - Zoe Foster Hannah Atkins has felt like a fraud ever since getting a job as beauty editor at a chic and trendy fashion magazine. Every day she struggles to fit in and to look like she's the perfect choice for the job. At least her realtionship seems to be ok, that is until she suspects her boyfriend of cheating and he breaks-up with her. Soon Hannah stumbles from one crazy (and sometimes stupid) situation with the wrong kind of guy into another.
Will Hannah manage to get her love life back on track and will she finally start making smarter choices?

When I started with "Air Kisses" I hoped for a light-hearted story that would make me laugh and that's exactly what I got. Right from the first pages on I enjoyed reading about Hannah, her job and her friends. Reading about her love life was at times frustrating because she did some dumb things but who doesn't. I liked that Hannah's work at the fashion magazine was not portrayed like for example in "Devil wears Prada" and that it was more like a normal job (of course with some very nice and extravagant extras).
I enjoyed that Hannah throughout the book grew comfortable in her job and didn't change too much. At the end of the book she was still the same clumsy Hannah just more glamorous, self-confident and happy. It took her a long time to realize what's good for her and I had to take some situations she stumbled in not too serious because otherwise I would have been furious with how careless she was. By just taking Hannah the way she was (all stupid actions and flaws) I was able to enjoy the book and was quiet satisfied when I finished the last page.

I like it. The colours and the things pictured on the cover fit perfectly to the story.

final appraisal
This light-hearted chick-lit book with a wonderfully flawed heroine that stumbles from one chaotic (and sometimes stupid) situation into another was a lot of fun to read. At times I was frustrated with the heroine but I still enjoyed reading about her life, job and her friends. This book made me smile and laugh a lot and I'm happy that I read it.