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The Redhead Revealed

The Redhead Revealed - Alice Clayton The fantastic Grace and Jack are back! Their whirlwind romance started in "The Unidentified Redhead" and is continued in "The Redhead Revealed". They are still a pair and very happy together. But the long distance between New York and LA, annoying paparazi and Michael, an old friend of Grace, complicate their life. Grace's acting career is finally starting to be successful and Jack is now a Hollywood super star. Especially Grace has trouble to deal with the changes in their lifes. Sure, the short meetings and the telephone sex are amazing, but Grace starts to doubt their relationship and herself. And then there's Michael, an old friend from college, who's clearly interested in more than just friendship with Grace.
Will Jack and Grace be able to stengthen their relationship in spite of all the things that are going on? And will Grace be able to overcome her self-doubts?

I read "The Redhead Revealed" some weeks ago, enjoyed it a lot but didn't feel like writing a review about it (happens sometimes). However since then I have been thinking from time to time about the story and the characters and realized that I need to write a review after all.
The story and the characters are just as entertaining as in "The Unidentified Redhead". The story is once again very sexy and the language is full of witty remarks. All of the characters love talking about sex in a very open-minded and graphic way which I didn't mind at all. It's actually nice to read about people who enjoy sex and talking about it. Some might find the language a bit offensive but I didn't.
Grace and Jack are still pretty much in love but real life makes their relationship difficult. I enjoyed that the author didn't sugar-coat anything and showed that a long-distance relationship can work, but you have to trust your partner for it. I also enjoyed how the paparazzi were portrayed and maybe we all should gossip less about stars and other people.
I loved the scenes in which Grace and Jack were together and happy. I enjoyed learning more about Jack (I'm a tiny bit in love with him :)) and how he handles being a star and that so many women want him. Grace is actually the one that has issues in this book. Like all women she is a master in criticizing herself and in making herself feel inadequate compared to others. Some scenes were so sad and I felt with Grace and Jack when their relationship started to crumble because of Grace's fears. I don't want to reveal too much about the plot but at the end they find back together (thank godness) and I was happy again.
The serious parts of the story (Grace's self-doubts, the long distance between Grace and Jack and dealing with the paparazzi) together with the fun scenes full of witty remarks and the very hot sex scenes make this book so special and great.
"The Redhead Revealed" will make you laugh, smile, cry and might also get you thinking about some serious issues.

I like it.

final appraisal
The second book in The Redhead - series was everything I hoped for and more. It's just as funny and sexy as the first book but also a bit more serious. I loved reading about Grace and Jack's relationship and I'm already excited to learn how their story will continue.

The Redhead series
1. The Unidentified Redhead
2. The Redhead Revealed