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Cattitude - Edie Ramer review
A delightful soul-exchange story with three happy ends, an awesome heroine and some bad guys.

Arrogant and lazy Belle leads a beautiful and relaxed cat life with Max. He rescued her when she was a kitten and she loves him for it. When Belle is nearly killed in a car accident something extraordinary happens. Belle and the woman whose windshield she's thrown on change their bodies. All of a sudden Belle is in the woman's body and Sorcha, the car driver, is in Belle's cat body. Belle is once again rescued by Max who is fascinated by her in human form. Both Belle and Sorcha try to adjust to their new lifes but still want to get their old bodies back - at least at first.
Max's own plans, his family, a crazy woman, a ruthless murderer, a lonely little girl and a man ordered to kill Sorcha make everything even more complicated. Will Belle and Sorcha change back to their old lifes or will they take the chance for a new beginning?

At first I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the soul exchange from cat to woman but in the end the idea worked perfectly. Right from the start Belle is a great character, in cat and human form. It's so funny to read how she learns being more human by watching TV and how she still does some things only a cat would. I liked her relationship with Max and rooted for them. It was interesting to learn more about Max, his family and his motivation to take care of everyone.
Sorcha has a shady past and this is why she was in the car accident and why someone is trying to kill her. Still she is a very nice person and deserves only the best. It was beautiful to see how Sorcha found love in her new life and I was very happy with the conclusion of the book.

I like the colours and that it looks so stylish. The cover suits the book perfectly.

final appraisal
A cute and very entertaining story about a special kind of soul-exchange. At first I was a bit sceptical about the basic idea but it worked perfectly. Together with the interesting characters and the cute love story it made reading the book a lof of fun and when I finished the last sentence I had a smile on my face.