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Star of His Heart (Kimani Romance)

Star of His Heart - Brenda Jackson review
A book that made me happy and left me smiling.

Rachel Wellesley is pretty happy with her life. Sure, her job plus working on her paintings after work take up a lot of time but she loves every second of it. She's not interested in a relationship but when meeting Ethan Chambers it's not so easy to bear up. There is an intense chemistry between Rachel and Ethan from the first moment and even though both only want to be friends they can't stay away from each other for long.
Because Rachel is publicity shy and dislikes the media their relationship has to stay a secret. Ethan who is an upcoming actor couldn't care less about the media. But when someone sells their relationship to the magazines and Rachel ends their relationship he realizes that love might not be enough. Will Ethan be able to convince Rachel that their love is worth a chance?

I pretty much enjoyed everything about this book. The main characters are great and likable, right from the start I enjoyed reading about Rachel and Ethan. They never annoyed me and their issues were believable and not over the top. Their love story was sweet and also sexy.
Overall the story is light-hearted and made me think about how the media can destroy a relationship. The book also made me want to read more of Rachel's sister and her best friend (heroine in "Sing your pleasue").

I like it and it suits the book.

final appraisal
"Star of his Heart" is the kind of book that left me happy, contended and with a smile on my face. The characters are great and the issues between them are believable. I had a lot of fun reading this book and if you are looking for a story that leaves you with a warm feeling in your heart then you should try "Star of his Heart".

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