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Blood Law: A Novel

Blood Law - Jeannie Holmes This compelling and thrilling book captured my interest right from the first page.

Alexandra Sabian is a vampire who is working for the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigations (FBPI). She's living in a world where vampires and humans try to coexist in peace but it's not so easy.
When several vampires are killed in Alex's area in a similar way and the suspicion of the humans regarding the vampires get out of control she needs help. However she is not happy when her ex-fiancee is sent to help her investigate and control the situation. Alex hasn't seen Varik for several years, she left him after their relationship nearly ended in a tragedy.
Now Alex has to find a killer, try to make peace with a group of humans who want to get rid of the vampires and she also has to handle the feelings she still has for Varik.

I ususally prefer paranormal romance over urban fantasy because I like the focus on the love story but still "Blood Law" was just great.
I especially enjoyed the characters and the world Jeannie Holmes created. It's a dark and complicated world in which many humans still fear and even hate the vampires although they have been living together in one society for over 40 years. I loved that the characters and the storylines were very complex and that you really had to pay attention to what's going on. Still it was never hard to follow the plot and the book was even easy to read.
Alex is a kick-ass heroine and willing to do everything for the people she loves. Varik is also kick-ass and you definitely don't want to have to fight against him. The chemistry between Alex and Varik was palpable and I loved learning more about their relationship and why they separated. Even though their relationship wasn't the main part of the book it still was important.
I also enjoyed that I was suprised several times by how the story developed. After I started the book I didn't want to stop reading because I just needed to know more - the story was that gripping. Furthermore characters like Tasha, a human police officer, and Alex's special psychic talents added a lot to the story.

Overall I like the cover because it says that the heroine will be kick-ass and that's definitely the case. The outfit is IMO a bit weird but that's just my taste.

final appraisal
You don't have to be a fan of Urban Fantasy to enjoy this book. Jeannie Holmes created a dark, complicated world full of complex characters and she still managed to make this book easy to read and very entertaining.
I want to know more of Alex, Varik and the world they live in and that pretty much tells you how good "Blood Law" is. I will definitely read "Blood Secrets" the next book in the series when it will be published next year.

books in the series
1. Blood Law (2010)
2. Blood Secrets (2011)