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The Body Finder

The Body Finder (Body Finder, #1) - Kimberly Derting "The Body Finder" by Kimberly Derting is a great and charming debut novel that I couldn't lay out of my hands until I finished it.

Sixteen year old Violet Ambrose has an unusual and morbid "gift". Whenever someone in her surrounding is killed (human or animal) she can feel their echo. As a small child she started searching for killed animals and gave them and also herself peace through burying them. When she was eight she even found a murdered girl. Besides her closest family only her best friend Jay knows of her special ability.
Jay and Violet have been friends since forever but over the summer something changed between them. Suddenly Violet feels different for Jay and would like nothing more than to become his girlfriend. But she doesn't know if Jay, who's now one of the most popular boys at school, feels the same so she keeps her feelings a secret.
When Violet discovers the body of a murdered girl and more go missing life changes. Violet has a hard time dealing with her feelings and nightmares and needs Jay more than ever. Will she get the boy AND survive becoming the killers target?

"The Body Finder" by Kimberly Derting is a fantastic book. The characters are great and believable, the story is thrilling and the book is a joy to read.
Violet is a very special girl and right from the start I felt a connection to her. You can literally feel how hard her "gift" is for her. Her parents are an important part of her life and I enjoyed that they have a lot of trust in Violet and her decisions. Jay is another great character. I never really doubted that he and Violet would become a couple because it seemed like a natural development. I loved their scenes together and how Jay was supportive but also that he was very protective of her.
The mystery part of the story is suprisingly dark even though there are no details about the murders. Right until the end it's not so easy to figure out who the killer is and I was suprised by some of the developments. Another thing I enjoyed is that the book conveys a very open-minded and modern feeling. And of course I also loved the Happy End.
After being so delighted by "The Body Finder" I'm already excited to read the next book by this amazing new author. "Desire of the Dead" will be published March 2011 and I will definitey read it.