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Hi, I'm a book blogger from Germany, I heart romances and happy books.


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Read: Red Rising, The Eighth Day, How To Seduce A Billionaire And The Sum Of All Kisses

Red Rising - Pierce Brown The Eighth Day - David McClellan, Dianne K. Salerni How to Seduce a Billionaire - Portia Da Costa The Sum of All Kisses - Julia Quinn


In "Read" I'm talking about the books I read that belong to my personal good books.


I read the following books over two weeks ago but wanted to wait with writing the reviews until I felt better and could think clearly again. The books range from didn't like it to it was good, but I had some issues.



Red Rising - Pierce Brown (dystopian, #1 in a trilogy)
This is not a book that was surrounded by a huge hype when it was published, but still you can see praise for the book everywhere. Many readers enjoyed this book, critics love it as well and I bought it spontaneously when I saw it in a bookstore with used books.


After I bought the book I learned that some readers compare "Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard to it and even assume that "Red Queen" was inspired by "Red Rising" (that's a nice way to describe some of the things I read online). To that I can say that besides some general ideas at the beginning of the books they have not a lot in common and should appeal to different kinds of readers.


When I bought the book I thought that the story sounded fascinating, but I also knew that there was potential for issues, just by reading the synopsis I knew that this would be a book I would either love or don't get at all. And sadly I have to say that the second option came true. From the first pages one I had issues with the authors writing style, things like


The dread rises in me. I see my bootheel melting. The first layer goes. The second bubbles. Then it will be my flesh.


don't work for me. I didn't enjoy reading about any of the characters, I didn't like them and that's a major issue for me. I want/need to like the majority of characters I read about.


The world building was interesting, but once again it left me cold. I wasn't touched by what was going on, everything seemed to be a bit too constructed, nothing seemed like a natural development.

So in the end "Red Rising" is another dystopian novel that didn't work for me, I'm no longer surprised when this happens with books from the genre.


The Eighth Day - Dianna K. Salerni (children's fantasy, #1 in the trilogy)
This was in the end a good and entertaining book, but also one whose writing style, world building and characters felt a touch to young for me. Which is absolutely ok because it's not an adult or even YA book.

I applaud Dianna K. Salerni that she can adapt her writing style when writing for different age groups, it's not something that many authors can do.


I personally prefer her more grown-up style a la "The Caged Graves" (love the book) and that's why I will continue to read her books but will give the rest of the Eighth Day series a miss.


How to seduce a billionaire - Portia Da Costa (contemporary romance, adult, stand-alone)
Ok, this book was recommended by a blogger for readers who like the general storyline of "Fifty Shades of Grey" but didn't like the book itself. I personally like the books by EL James and books with similar storylines so I decided to give the story a try. And of course I was also excited to read a book by a new to me author.


This is the first book by Portia Da Costa I read and I think it will also be the last one. In theory everything is there I enjoy in romances, but in reality nothing worked for me. The characters didn't interest me, I couldn't believe in their feelings and the story bored me. Sorry to sound so harsh, but somehow nothing in the book worked for me, the reader-author-chemistry was pretty much non-existing.


Added to that there is something about the author's writing style that is driving me crazy, she loves to use ... in her texts, constantly and everywhere (ok, that's a slight exaggeration). Seeing ... normally doesn't bother me, but when it happens three times on a page and the use doesn't make that much sense to me, it becomes an issue. Whenever I saw the ... my reading flow was disrupted and this drove me crazy. With some books it's so easy to ignore little things, but then with others small details can make everything go wrong.


The Sum of All his Kisses - Julia Quinn (historical romance, #3 in the The Smythe-Smith Quartet)
Normally Julia Quinn is one of my go to authors of historical romance, I usually enjoy her light-hearted, romantic stories and like her characters. But this time I was a bit disappointed because I didn't enjoy "The Sum of All Kisses" as much as I expected to.


The romance was the main thing that didn't work for me. I hard a hard time to believe in the attraction and feelings, I wasn't that excited about what was going on in general. Meeting characters from older books by Julia Quinn was for once not entertaining, I don't know why, but little things that worked in her other books this time annoyed me.


I plan to read more books by Julia Quinn in the future, but for now I have enough of this series, especially because the content of the next book in it doesn't sound that appealing to me. So I will skip it and then come back to read another book in the series or wait until Quinn will begin with a new series that has nothing to do with her other books.


Happy Reading!