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Hi, I'm a book blogger from Germany, I heart romances and happy books.


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Ok, not going to read more in the series (see reasons below)

Love in Rewind - Tali Alexander

I bought, downloaded and read this adult contemporary romance after I saw some very positive reviews on the book online. I was in the mood for a sexy romance and thought that "Love in Rewind" would fit to my mood perfectly.


I read the ebook right after I bought it, I thought that the beginning was interesting, but soon the constant flashbacks left me a bit cold and got boring. I couldn't believe in the love story and had trouble to connect with the characters.

The drama at the ending didn't work for me at all, everything seemed a bit too ridiculous and unbelievable. So in the end this was an ok book for me, I was not as delighted by the book as other readers were.


On the last pages of "Love in rewind" is an excerpt for the next book in the series, Lies in Rewind. I actually thought about buying and reading it, but after reading the excerpt I will definitely not. In the excerpt there is a scene that includes a big no go, the male main character is touching a clearly intoxicated woman intimately & sexually, a woman he knows isn't interested in him. Excuses like "my hands have a mind of their own" aren't ok, not at all, this is not something I'm going to support by buying the story, hell no.