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Not for me

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

This is not a book that was surrounded by a huge hype when it was published, but still you can see praise for the book everywhere. Many readers enjoyed this book, critics love it as well and I bought it spontaneously when I saw it in a bookstore with used books.

After I bought the book I learned that some readers compare "Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard to it and even assume that "Red Queen" was inspired by "Red Rising" (that's a nice way to describe some of the things I read online). To that I can say that besides some general ideas at the beginning of the books they have not a lot in common and should appeal to different kinds of readers.

When I bought the book I thought that the story sounded fascinating, but I also knew that there was potential for issues, just by reading the synopsis I knew that this would be a book I would either love or don't get at all. And sadly I have to say that the second option came true. From the first pages one I had issues with the authors writing style, things like

The dread rises in me. I see my bootheel melting. The first layer goes. The second bubbles. Then it will be my flesh.

don't work for me. I didn't enjoy reading about any of the characters, I didn't like them and that's a major issue for me. I want/need to like the majority of characters I read about.

The world building was interesting, but once again it left me cold. I wasn't touched by what was going on, everything seemed to be a bit too constructed, nothing seemed like a natural development.
So in the end "Red Rising" is another dystopian novel that didn't work for me, I'm no longer surprised when this happens with books from the genre.