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Some things drove me crazy

How to Seduce a Billionaire - Portia Da Costa

Ok, this book was recommended by a blogger for readers who like the general storyline of "Fifty Shades of Grey" but didn't like the book itself. I personally like the books by EL James and books with similar storylines so I decided to give the story a try. And of course I was also excited to read a book by a new to me author.

This is the first book by Portia Da Costa I read and I think it will also be the last one. In theory everything is there I enjoy in romances, but in reality nothing worked for me. The characters didn't interest me, I couldn't believe in their feelings and the story bored me. Sorry to sound so harsh, but somehow nothing in the book worked for me, the reader-author-chemistry was pretty much non-existing.

Added to that there is something about the author's writing style that is driving me crazy, she loves to use ... in her texts, constantly and everywhere (ok, that's a slight exaggeration). Seeing ... normally doesn't bother me, but when it happens three times on a page and the use doesn't make that much sense to me, it becomes an issue. Whenever I saw the ... my reading flow was disrupted and this drove me crazy. With some books it's so easy to ignore little things, but then with others small details can make everything go wrong.