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Sometimes good, sometimes a bit problematic

Mayhem - Jamie Shaw Riot - Jamie Shaw

I wasn't sure if I should put these two books in a "Good Books" or "Read" post, to be honest I'm still not sure about it. Overall I enjoyed the writing style and the love stories, the love story in the first book of the series worked for me better than the one in the second one. And yes, as pretty much always I enjoyed the rock star elements a lot, I don't know why, but contemporary romances with rock stars or athletes are always something special for me.

But there were also some things that bothered me, the romance in the second book was one that frustrated me at times, I wanted to shake the characters a lot. And the at times careless consumption of alcohol bothered me as well.

When reading sexy NA books I'm often willing and able to overlook some things that don't work for me in other books, this time not everything worked for me, some details were a bit too over the top for my taste. And yet in the end I enjoyed both stories and plan to go on with book #3 in the series, so in a way the two books belong to my good books, but not all the way. And even though I had some issues with the books I'm happy that I gave them a try and I will definitely read more by Jamie Shaw in the future.