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About Happy Books

Hi, I'm a book blogger from Germany, I heart romances and happy books.


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Happy Reading!



When It's Right: A Montana Men Novel - Jennifer Ryan The Double Life of Incorporate Things - Leanna Renee Hieber Let the Storm Break - Shannon Messenger Everblaze (Keeper of the Lost Cities) by Messenger, Shannon (2014) Hardcover - Shannon Messenger Magonia - Maria Dahvana Headley Hero - Samantha Young

It's time for a little update on what I'm reading right now. The last three books on my latest reading pile are finally on my mini reading pile and I'm excited to read them and to then move on to a new reading pile.


I added a contemporary adult romance by Jennifer Ryan spontaneously to my reading pile, right now I can't get enough of contemporary love stories, I'm drawn to them like crazy, so adding the book was a must.


On my reading pile are
When it's right - Jennifer Ryan (nearly done and I love it)
The double life of incorporate things - Leanna Renee Hieber (half way through and it's good)
Let the storm break - Shannon Messenger (not started yet)
Everblaze - Shannon Messenger (not started yet)


I'm also listening to Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley (I'm half way through and love it so far, love the characters and world building), plus Hero by Samantha Young (I'm four hours in the story and so far I like it, it's sexy and entertaining).


I'm right now in a pretty good reading mood, I'm excited for the books on my reading pile, I'm excited about reading in general and isn't this the best feeling?


In the last days I also did the following bookish things:

I rearranged most of my books on my shelves and created some space in every book section, I used this activity to sort out about 20 books and I'm pretty happy with how everything looks.
And I went through all of my wish lists and deleted more than half the books on it. I only kept the books I'm really interested in and sorted out all of the ones that sounded a bit creepy, too serious and so on.



  • Happy Reading!