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About Happy Books

Hi, I'm a book blogger from Germany, I heart romances and happy books.


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Happy Reading!



New books / Book haul

Drawn Together - Lauren Dane Snow Like Ashes - Sara Raasch Ink and Bone: The Great Library - Rachel Caine Burn for Me -  Ilona Andrews Nuts (The Hudson Valley Series) - Alice Clayton Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club - Alison Goodman
— feeling excited

In the last weeks I bought the following print books


Drawn Together - Lauren Dane (already read, wanted a print copy)
Snow like Ashes - Sara Raasch
Ink and Bone - Rachel Caine
The Dark Days Club - Alison Goodman
Burn for me - Ilona Andrews
Nuts - Alice Clayton


A new, hopefully hilarious and sexy book by Alice Clayton, a new chance for the UF author duo Ilona Andrews, finally a new book by the author of Eon & Eona, a world in which owning books privately is forbidden, a lost kingdom that a small group will fight to win back and a hot romance I already read as an ebook and loved - yes, this pile of books makes me very happy and excited!


Happy Reading!