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The problem with forever - Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Problem with Forever - Jennifer L. Armentrout, Amy Landon

The problem with forever
young adult contemporary romance
read as an ebook
years ago they lived together in a group home
there they both went through hell
then their paths were separated
but now they meet again
and they realize that there is still something special between them
something so strong that they can't ignore it
this is the third book by the author I read
I read one story written as Jennifer L. Armentrout and one as J. Lynn
I know that many readers love her stories
however the first two books by her were just ok for me
and now "The problem with forever"
the story was ok to good, but still not great
I'm still not in love with the way Armentrout creates characters and stories
she doesn't make me feel as much as I want to feel
after finishing her books I'm not super excited for more
this time some passages were entertaining
but others annoyed me a bit
overall there were too many dramatic developments
one less would have been better
I don't think that I will read more books by the author
her stories might be great for other readers
but they aren't perfect for me.



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