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Die MacKenzie Saga: 1. Das Land der MacKenzies 2. Das Geheimnis der MacKenzies 3. Die Ehre der MacKenzies 4. Der Traum der MacKenzies 5. Das Spiel der MacKenzies

Die MacKenzie Saga: 1. Das Land der MacKenzies 2. Das Geheimnis der MacKenzies 3. Die Ehre der MacKenzies 4. Der Traum der MacKenzies 5. Das Spiel der MacKenzies - Linda Howard review
A book to reread again and again!

Mary Elizabeth Potter is the new schoolteacher in a small town in Wyoming and about to change the status quo. She believes in giving all of her students a chance and when she realizes that one boy, Joe MacKenzie, dropped out despite of good grades she wants to know why. When looking for the boy she meets his father Wolf who's an Indian and used to prejudices. But Mary is different from all the people he met before because she's open-minded and only interested in people's action and not what society says about them.
Mary and Wolf are an unusual pair but their attraction is undeniable. When a local girls is raped and most people think that "the Indian" is the culprit Wolf is sure that his relationship with Mary is over before it started. But she's definitely not interesting in ever letting Wolf go and will do everything to make sure that he and his son Joe stay safe and have a good life.

All of the characters in this book feel like they are alive and the love story is one of the best I've ever read. Linda Howard is famous for her alpha heroes and she is also famous for creating heroines that are the perfect match for them.
Mary is an amazingly strong woman and she never stops until she achieves her goal. She may be small but her will is not. Wolf is an alpha man in every aspect. I like that Wolf appreciates Mary's strength and loves her for it. He's not interested in a weak, timid woman and realizes that a woman with her own mind is the best kind.
Some of the scenes are from a present-day perspective a bit funny and weird, for example when Mary buys her first pants instead of skirts but still the story is not old-fashioned.
Furthermore I loved meeting Joe, Wolf's son, and his book "Mackenzies's Mission" is also awesome.

I like the cover because it's simple.

final appraisal
This book is one of my favourite romances ever. Both Mary and Wolf are fantastic characters and I especially admire Mary because she judges people by their actions. The love story between Mary and Wolf is amazing and shows that an alpha man is happiest with a woman who's just as strong as he is. This romance feels timeless and even though it was written and plays about 20 years in the past it never feels old. The whole Mackenzie series is one of my fav romance series ever.
If you enjoy strong characters (male and female) and an amazing love story then you should give "Mackenzie's Mountain" a try.

The MacKenzies Family Saga series
1. Mackenzie's Mountain
2. Mackenzie's Mission
3. Mackenzie's Pleasure
4. Mackenzie's Magic
5. A Game of Chance