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Eona: Drachentochter

Eona: Drachentochter - Alison Goodman, Andreas Heckmann Eon lives in a world in which 12 powerful Dragons and their human partners, the Dragoneyes, are a central part of the system. They can control the elements and are important allies to the emporer. Each year one Dragon becomes the leader and gains even more power than he usually has. This year the Rat Dragon is ascending to power and the Rat Dragoneye is looking for a apprentice.
Eon's only chance to achieve a position of power and money is to get choosen by the Rat Dragon. Every year only one boy will get this honour and this year Eon is one of the candidates. But what nobody knows is that Eon is really Eona. Only male Dragoneyes are allowed so Eona and her master play a dangerous game and it's crucial that nobody will find out the truth about who Eon really is.
When the time comes and the Rat Dragon makes his choice something happens that will change the whole world. Eona, as Eon, is thrown into a world full of power games, dangerous intrigues and strict rules. Will she find a way to adapt and survive?

"Eon" is a the first book in a duology and it blew me away. I needed some pages to get a good connection to the world, the characters and the writing style but then I was amazed by how great this book was.

At first I was a bit overwhelmed with the world Eon plays in. Everything that has to do with the Dragons and the Dragoneyes, their powers and mythology, the foreign culture and customs (asian influences), the intrigues - everything together was a bit too much to digest on the first pages but after about 50 pages I was in the story and everything started to make sense. From this moment on I was in Eona's world, I saw what she saw, smelled what she smelled and so on. Alison Goodman's writing style is so engaging and made imgaging the things she described very easy.

"I drew back into the corner of the seat and brushed my
hand ocer the coin. Would it be enough to buy my way to the
islands? My master's gaze was pressing against me. I turned
away and pretended to be absorbed by the passing view. We
had turned into the main thoroughfare that led to the Dragon
Arena. It was just past dawn, but the street was lined with curi-
ous onlookers, the house-shop shutters already open and the
vendors hawking for business. A man noticed our palanquin
and yelled, his call rippling along the street until we became
the focus of attention. Faces turned to watch us pass by: ex-
cited, skeptical, searching, disdainful. Then a murmur started,
the soft words shifting through the crowd like leaves shivering
in a breeze: It's the cripple."

The story was complex but never illogical. Everything that happened felt natural and right. You don't have to have any background info about the story because the author made it easy to understand the foreign world she created. She made me feel part of it and made me at times forget that I was only reading about the world in a book.

Eona is an amazing heroine. She's strong, intelligent and a real survivor. She was severly hurt at her hip and leg years ago, so she is not as perfect as the other Dragoneye candidates. But Eona is not the only extraordinary character in this book. You also have Ryko, a fighter who's an eunuch, you have Lady Dela who is really a man but lives as a woman, you have Lord Ido, the dangerous and power-hungry Dragoneye and many more characters that made reading this book so worthwile, thrilling and interesting.

There are a lot of things going on in "Eon" and I don't want to talk about details. But I can tell you that you will be suprised several times in this book and hopefully you will love this story as much as I did. The end is an open one that fit to the story, it left me craving for more.

I already read "Eona", the second and final book in the duology, and it's just as good as "Eon". So don't worry that this series has a fantastic start and then will disappoint you, these two books are both amazing.

I think the cover is breath-taking and wonderful, especially the dragon is amazing.

final appraisal
"Eon" is an fantastic story full of thrilling developments, fascinating characters and a heroine that I enjoyed following on every step of her dangerous journey. Add to that Alison Goodman's wonderful way with words that makes the world she created come alive and you have a fantastic book that you shouldn't miss.