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Die Dunklen Mächte: Höllenglanz: Roman (PAN)

Höllenglanz (Die Dunklen Mächte, #3) - Kelley Armstrong, Christine Gaspard Chloe Saunders life changes from one second to another when she sees a ghost at her high school and get's a panic attack because of it. Because of this incident Chloe is sent to Lyle House, a special home for troubled teens, where she is told that she has schizophrenia. But Chloe soon begins to question the diagnosis because weird things are going on in Lyle House. She realizes that all of the teens there are special in a supernatural way and that the adults that work at Lyle House can't be trusted.
Will Chloe be able to discover what's going on with her and will she be able to get out of Lyle House before it's too late?

I bought "The Summoning" spontaneously when I saw a good deal for it at a bookstore and it was the first book I ever read by Kelley Armstrong. Before starting the book I didn't know a lot about the story and expected a light-hearted book with some paranormal elements - I couldn't have been more wrong.
The book has paranormal elements but it's definitely not light-hearted. The longer I read the darker and more complicated the story got, towards the end I wasn't sure whom Chloe could trust and what would happen with her. However I was definitely not disappointed that the story was different from what I expected. In contrary, I loved the story, the characters and even the cliffhanger at the end of the book.

I enjoyed everything I learned of Chloe. Reading about her struggle with the new developments in her life was fascinating and I admired that she never gave up. She is intelligent, quiet and all in all a pretty normal teenager. She cares about what happens to others and I can't wait to learn more about her, her abilities and her future.
I also enjoyed that even though there is the possibility of a relationship between a boy and Chloe, that's not the main focus of the story. This relationship will have more time to develop slowly in the next two books and that's something I like.
At the end of "The Summoning" it's unclear what Lyle House really is and the reader can only speculate about what happened there in the past. But one thing is sure, if a teenager doesn't act as he /she is supposed to, then it can end deadly.
The book ends with a cliffhanger and even though I normally hate these, this time it fit to the story and I'm excited to learn what will happen next. I will definitely go on with reading this mesmerizing series, Kelley Armstrong has a new fan.

I like the cover, it's pretty and looks a bit mysterious.

final appraisal
Kelley Armstrong has created a thrilling story that makes me want to read the two other books in the Darkest Powers series as soon as possible. Don't expect a light paranormal story, get ready to be amazed by a dark, complicated world.
I would recommend this book to all readers (adult and young adult) who enjoy stories with paranormal elements.