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Meeresblitzen: Roman

Meeresblitzen: Roman - Nicole Peeler review
Jane is coming to terms with her new life and is working hard on stenghtening and controlling her magical powers. During a visit with her boyfriend Ryu they are attacked by a crazy halfling.
Once again Jane is in the middle of a dangerous situation and it soon turns out that everything is even worse and more serious than Ryu and Jane thought at first. Jane will have to fight with everything she has to survive various attacks and she will have to make some decisions regarding her private life.

"Tracking the Tempest" by Nicole Peeler is a fantastic book. The story never stops being interesting and thrilling. I loved learning more about Jane and her friends. To see how Jane has changed and how she gets stronger and stronger is amazing. The book was darker than I thought it would be but not too dark.
I love the way Nicole Peeler writes. Her writing style makes me want to read more and more of the story. The way she mixes lovely, witty secnes with dark, dangerous scenes ones is fabulous.
Jane True is an amazing heroine and it's fascinating to see how she takes on the world of magic. She is already one of my favourite heroines because she is so complex, likable and brave. And all of the other chharacters, even the bad guys, are also fascinating and I'm especially excited to see how the relationship between Jane, Ryu and Anyan will continue.

Perfect. I love everything about this unique cover, it fits the story perfectly and the comic style is great.

final appraisal
The second book in the Jane True series is amazing. The story is very complex and dark with some light, funny and also sexy scenes. Nicole Peeler has created a world that is fascinating, thrilling and dangerous. Jane is a amazing heroine and I can't wait to read more about her, her powers and especially Anyan.