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Verlieb dich! Roman

Verlieb Dich! - Carly Phillips, Ursula C. Sturm review
The second book in the Most Eligible Bachelor series is just as entertaining and full of great characters as the first one.

Police officers Rafe Mancuso and Sara Rios have fought against their chemistry for some time, but when Rafe is seriously hurt while trying to rescue Sara things begin to change. A few days later Sara needs a place to hide and staying in Rafe's cabin where he is getting back on his feet is the perfect solution. While living together in the small cabin the chemistry between them explodes and soon they are more than good friends.
However Sara is still in danger and there are also weird things going on in Rafe's hometown. They need to work together to make sure that Sara stays safe and to get Rafe's uncle out of serious trouble.
The more time they spend together the closer they get. In the end Sara has to overcome her trust issues if she wants to have a chance for a life together with Rafe.

Once again Carly Phillips managed to create characters that felt alive and like they were my friends. I cared about what happened to them and that's always a good thing. The story is fast-paced and mostly light-hearted. The mystery part is at first hilarious (the part with Rafe's uncle) but then a bit darker and more complicated than in "Kiss me if you can" but still not too suspenseful for a romance.
I enjoyed reading about Rafe and Sara's love story and especially Rafe was awesome. Both are strong characters and I loved how Sara finally realized what's really important in life. There's also a second love story between Rafe's brother and his wife. They are seperated and it was so sweet to read how they got back together. I also liked the message that love is worth working for it.

The cover is fun but I really wonder what it has to do with the book (I guess nothing).

final appraisal
Believable characters, an entertaining story and some thrill make this book so great. Carly Phillips always manages to create characters that I like right from the start and that I want to be happy at the end.

Most Eligible Bachelor series
1. Kiss me if you can
2. Love me if you dare