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Was sich liebt, das küsst sich: Roman

Was Sich Liebt, Das Küsst Sich: Roman - Rachel Gibson, Antje Althans This funny, sexy and light-hearted book was a joy to read and it's definitely one of my favourites by Rachel Gibson.

Unsuccessful actress Chelsea Ross desperately needs money, so she agrees to work as a personal assistent for hockey superstar Mark Bressler. He was seriously hurt in a car accident months ago and had to give up playing hockey. Ever since he is in a black mood and does his best to act like a jerk. Mark doesn't want anyone to help him and especially not funky and witty Chelsea. But he can't get rid of her like he did with his other assistents because Chelsea just won't leave.
Soon Chelsea and Mark find some common ground and he even begins to like their discussions and her attempts to cheer him up. When the attraction between them grows, their relationship changes and they become lovers. What starts as something casual soon feels like so much more and Mark and Chelsea have to decide how they want to go on.

I loved reading "Nothing but trouble" and think that it's one of the best books by Rachel Gibson so far.
Chelsea is a great heroine and I liked her from the first moment. She is a funny, honest and caring person and pursues her dreams even though her family disagrees. I especially enjoyed reading about her bright personality and clothing style.
Mark is an awesome hero. At first I was a bit sceptical about him but that changed within a few pages. He may be brooding and arrogant but he is also funny and kind. You can feel his pain and just hope that his life will get better.
Mark and Chelsea are a great, sexy and lovely pair and I especially enjoyed that Mark understood one of her biggest wishes and was willing to change his life for her.
I loved to meet Kate and Rob from "The trouble with Valentine's day" again and laughed about the fly-fishing insider joke. I also enjoyed reading more about the other Chinook players and hope that many of them will get their own books.

So all in all I can absolutely recommend this funny, sexy and light-hearted book and can't wait to read more of the Seattle Chinooks. Sam's book (excerpt is in the back of "Nothing but trouble") sounds very promising and will be published spring 2011.