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An edgy love story

This is a Love Story - Jessica Thompson

"This is a love story" is not your typical chick-lit/contemporary romance, the book has an edgy vibe that I enjoyed a lot. 


The story starts when Sienna and Nick meet for the first time. There is an instant, strong appeal between them, but neither of them is planning to act on it. They are co-workers and both decide that being friends might be enough. But of course their feelings for each other only deepen over the next months and years. The question is if they will grab the chance to change from being friends to lovers.


The book is told from changing POVs, I loved that I got to hear both Sienna and Nick's thoughts. And I think that the author did a great job with making their voices different from each other. It's interesting that I liked the chapters told from Sienna's POV more, but prefered Nick as a character. I thought that Sienna's big secret was not as shocking as I suspected it to be and wish that the last chapters would have had some more pages. 


But all in all this was a good book and I'm happy that I read it.