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Fascinating concept, issues with the writing style

Ironskin - Tina Connolly

"Ironskin" is a sort of retelling of "Jane Eyre", and that's one of the reasons why I decided to read it. Plus it promised a kind of fey that even a reader like I am, a reader who normally doesn't enjoy reading about fairies, could be fascinated by.


There were some parts of the book that definitely fascinated me. Tina Connolly created a very interesting world, a world that felt refreshing compared to other fantasy worlds I recently read about. From the start on I was interested in what had happened to Jane and in the secrets that were hidden at her new place of work. And even the fey did not annoy me.:) The world building is what I enjoyed most about the book.
My biggest issues with the novel was the writing style. At times the story dragged on a bit and I felt as if it was going nowhere. At times I was tempted to skim a few pages. The writing style did not manage to completely enthrall me, to make me completely fascinated by the story and the characters.


So all in all this was an ok book for me. There were parts I enjoyed and there were parts that fell a bit flat to me. I think this book might be a good choice for all readers who enjoy quiet, slow fantasy stories. Make sure to read a excerpt before buying the book, that way you will know if the writing style is for you or not.