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Hi, I'm a book blogger from Germany, I heart romances and happy books.


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Runaway - Wendelin Van Draanen

This contemporary YA (middle grade?) did not disappoint. It gave me exactly the kind of emotional, often sad and in the end yet happy story I expected.

The book is told in journal entries from 12 year old Holly. She knows exactly that the foster system can fail you, because it already failed her several times. When she finally has enough of cruel foster parents, she decides to become a runaway. The story follows her through months of being homeless, of stealing food to survive, of running from the police.

Holly left a lasting impression on me. She wanted so little from life and even that was often denied her. It made me angry that girls like Holly exist in real life, that often those who need the most support don't get it. That says nothing good about out society.
The happy and hopeful end came a bit abrupt and I would have liked to spend some more pages in her new home. But still I was satisfied with the book and with how Holly's story ended.