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Dark Inside

Dark Inside  - Jeyn Roberts The premise of the book sounded grim and fascinating. After huge earthquakes rocked the world and killed thousands of people, many survivors are overtaken by a deathly rage. A rage who makes people kill and torture other humans. And it seems as if nothing can be done to save humanity. The book is told from different points of views of teenagers who survived without being overtaken by the rage. They have a hard time just to survive, every day could be their last.
When I read such a book I want to feel deeply, I want to be touched by what the characters are going through. But unfortunately that did not happen when reading "Dark Inside". I was not very interested in what happened to the teenager and when I finished the book my only thought was "What to read next?".

Even though the book did not work for me, I still would recommend it to all readers who like dark books with a post-apocalyptic setting. I know that many readers loved reading the book, so maybe it will be the same for you.