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Rebel Heart (Dust lands)

Rebel Heart - Moira Young

2 stars
Rebel Heart is one of the books I was super excited to read in 2012, but unfortunately I had issues with pretty much everything that was going on. Everything I liked in the first book was missing in this one.
I loved "Blood Red Road" and especially reading about Saba. But everything I liked about her was not there in this second book of the series. She acted in some situations in a way that made me disappointed and very angry. She didn't seem to be the same Saba she was in the first book. And why the hell did there have to be some kind of love triangle (ok, it's more of a lust triangle) ? There was already more than enough drama in the story without it.
So I couldn't connect to the story and all the characters in general, and some of the things that happened seemed forced. The bad things that happened didn't touch me and that made me sad.

My sis also read and liked the first book in the series. Right after finishing it she said that she doesn't think that there's enough in the story for a trilogy. And after reading Rebel Heart I have to agree with her. Blood Red Road with about 50-100 pages more and a good, solid, happy end would IMO have been better than a trilogy. I don't plan to read the last book in the series.