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Ashes (The Ashes Trilogy)

Ashes  - Ilsa J. Bick I was excited to read this book and convinced that I would enjoy it but right after the first five pages I knew that I would have trouble with it.
I never got a good connection to the characters and was more bored than shocked when bad things happened.
The writing style didn't manage to engage me and after I read the first 150 pages I even started skipping over some passages. The chemistry between the writing style and me was unfortunately not right. I can't really explain what bothered me, but there was something missing that I need to enjoy a story. Pus I had huge issues with the medical logic to what happened after the bad thing.

I would recommend all people who are interested in this book to read an excerpt, I think you will quickly realize if you enjoy the author's writing style or not. The book is definitely not bad or badly written, it just wasn't for me.